So beautifully your pictures can be presented

Here I am again, your little help text, which you should delete when you have read me. The pictures in the gallery come from our archive and are intentionally not very large. Because let's face it. You surely don't build a picture gallery from our archive but want to show your own pictures to the whole world. So quickly move your mouse over the gallery below and then click on the pen on top of the toolbar to edit it. There you will find a button "Change image selection" at the top. Just one click and you can delete the sample pictures and upload your own pictures. By the way, this is a masonry, we have more beautiful galleries, just try it out.


With the free version you can always upload 3 pictures at the same time, with the purchase version it is 500 pictures at once. It is therefore worthwhile to switch over to a purchased version for this reason alone. Especially if you have a lot of pictures.


Very important. On this page there is a picture gallery but you can also delete everything and rename the page and present something completely different here. There are no pages with fixed functions as with other systems. Each page can contain any content.