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   The moon from the"atmosphere sign" is the day of air and light. It's harder to explore the skies, I want to close my eyes, and through the clouds bright rays pierce the sky. Today , we feel the energy of the skies, and our power is rapidly replenished if you only stay outside, walk within the area, or other area where there is great visibility. A series of breathing exercises is recommended. The"air" sky increases our sociability and curiosity about various details.

The moon in the"ground sign" is your chilly days. At this moment, in summer, we could tolerate the heat more readily, and the ground is cool. And in the winter we freeze more. When the moon is in earth signswe believe the energy of this earth better, so we can suggest a visit to the state house, a walk in the woods, work together with the ground, clay, clay and all organic substances. Nowadays, our interests are focused mostly on the earthly strategy and ordinary affairs.

The moon from the"watermark" - times of moisture. The air gets wetter, the ground are able to continue to keep the morning dew for quite a very long moment. The probability of precipitation raises. It's a good idea to reduce the use of fluids. It is possible to highlight the energy at the reservoir, or see the pool. After the moon is in watermarks, then it raises the emotionality, sensitivity and receptivity. Nowadays are especially acceptable for creativity, since they awaken fantasy.


People born on a specified lunar day are also affected by the indications under the day moves. More information about horoscopes are found at https://horo.io/The moon at the"hint of fire" is a day of heat. In summer, the heat is especially tough to bear, the chance of sunstroke or burning raises. Skin receives moisture quicker, so it's not wise to stay in the sun for a long time. In winter, on the flip side, it is a good idea to go for a walk, to the woods, or into the ice rink these days. Notably stuffy inside, requires ventilation. The moon in flame signs produces a warm psychological background, and we become a little warmer and at the bodily level. Nowadays we're more optimistic and place to succeed.


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